• Manicure


    We will shape and condition your nails to fit your lifestyle. All nail services include custom shaping, grooming, massage and expert color application.

  • Pedicure


    This service includes the conditioning and grooming of the cuticles, shaping of the nails and is completed with the polish of your choice.

  • Eye Lashes

    Eye Lashes

    we are professional, qualified lash experts. All of our lash artists are licensed cosmetologists or estheticians who have received a focused training ..

  • Hair Dressing

    Hair Dressing

    Here at Generale Hair Zone we recognise that STYLE is an ever shifting and unique form of self-expression; our aim is to help you find yours and make sure that it evolves...

  • Hair Products

    Hair Products

    We are constantly adding new hair products such as shampoo, conditioner, gel, hair spray, hair accessories and more! Buy top brand hair products...

  • Braidings
  • Bondings
  • Lace Fronts Fitted